IJMB Courses



We offer over seventeen Advanced level subjects and two (2) Ordinary level syllabus subjects.

A.1 Advanced Level (A/L) Subjects



1. Biology

2. Chemistry

3. Physics

4. Geography

5. Geology

6. Mathematics (A/L Maths)


1. Economics

2. Business Management

3. Accounting

4. Government

5. Sociology


1. Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

2. Islamic Religious Studies (IRS)

3. Literature -in –English

A.2    Ordinary Level (O/L) subjects

O/L English Language

O/L Mathematics

One or both may be taken by external candidates as a sitting, but only one or the other IJMB studies.


The  subject combinations were complied with the aim of streamlining and making them relevant towards definite course specialization and acceptability in universities. The approved subject combinations were arrived at after due consultation with relevant documents relating to direct Entry requirements for various programmes of studies in Nigeria universities as specified in to JAMB brochure. Below are the approved IJMB subject combinations:

001 O/L English only
002 O/L Maths only
003 O/L English Maths
004 Acct; Bus Mgt; A/L maths Acct; Bus. Admin. PA, BAF, MK
005 Acct; Bus Mgt; Econs Acct; Bus. Admin; Econs; PA, BAF, MK
006 Acct; Bus Mgt; Geog Acct; Bus. Admin; PA, BAF, MK
007 Acct; Bus Mgt; Govt Acct; Bus. Admin; Pal, BAF, MK
008 Acct; Bus Mgt; Sociology Acct; Bus. Admin; Econs; Sociol, PA; BAF
009 Acct; Econs; Geog Acct; Bus. Admin; Geog; PA, BAF, MK; URP
011 Acct; Econs; Govt Acct; Bus. Admin; Geog; PA, BAF, MK
012 Acct; Econs; Sociology Acct; Bus. Admin; Sociol; MC; PA, BAF, MK
013 Acct; Geog; A/L maths Acct; Bus. Admin; Public Admin; BAF, MK
014 Acct; Geog; Govt Acct; Bus. Admin; Sociol; Pol. Sci; Inter. Studies; PA, MC; BAF, MK
015 Acct; Geog; Sociology Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem; Microbiology, Agri Sc.
016 Acct; Govt; A/L maths Text. Sc; Single Honours; Agri Sc; Archaeology, Biochem.
017 Acct; Govt; Sociology Microbiology; physiology; Single Honours; Biochem.
027 Bio; Chem; A/L maths Microbiology; Text. Sc; physiology; Agri Sc; Archaeology, Medicine, Vet. Medicine; Agric.
028 Bio; Chem; Geog, Sciences; Engineering; textile science & Tech; Pharmacy.
029 Bio; Chem; Geology Biochem; Geophysics; Agric; Archaeology, Microbiology;  Agric sc.
030 Bio; Chem; physics Medicine, Vet. Medicine; Pharmacy; agric sciences; Engineering; ; textile science & Tech; Biochem; Geophysics; ; Archaeology, Microbiology
031 Bus. Mgt; Econs; A/L maths Bus. Admin; Econs; Acct; URP; BAF; MK
032 Bus. Mgt; Econs; Geog Bus. Admin; Econs; Acct; URP; BAF; MK
033 Bus. Mgt; Econs; Govt Bus. Admin; pol. Sc; Inter. Studies; PA; Econs; MC; Acct; BAF; MK
034 Bus. Mgt; Econs; Sociology Bus. Admin; Acct; PA; BAF
035 Bus. Mgt; Geog; A/L maths Bus. Admin; Environmental Sci; Acct; PA; BAF; MK
036 Bus. Mgt; Geog; Govt Public Admin; Bus. Admin; Acct, BAF; MK
037 Bus. Mgt; Govt; Sociology Bus. Admin; social; MK; Acct; BAF; PA
038 Bus. Mgt; Govt; Sociology Bus. Admin; PA; Sociol; pol. sc; Inter. Studies; MK; Acct; BAF
039 Chem; Geog; A/L maths EnvlSc; Engr; Archaeology, Agric Sc; Text. Sc
040 Chem; Geog; physics; EnvlSc; Engr; Archaeology, Agric Sc; Text. Sc
041 Chem; Geology; A/L maths EnvlSc; Engr; Agric Sc; Archaeology, Text. Sc
042 Chem; Geology; physics; EnvlSc; Engr; Archaeology, Agric Sc; Text. Sc; Single Honours
043 Chem; physics; A/L maths Engr; Text. Sc; EnvlSc; Comp. Sc; Agric Science, Geophysics
045 CRS; Govt; Hausa Single Honours; Pol Sc; Inter. Studies; PA;MC
048 CRS; Govt; Lit Single Honours; Law; B.Sc. PA; Pol Sc; Inter. Studies; MC
049 CRS; Hist; Lit Single Honours; Lawl MC; Pol Sc; Inter. Studies
050 Econs; Geog; A/L maths EnvlSc; URP; Single Honours; Acct; PA; BAF, MK
051 Econs; Geog; Govt URP; Acct; PA; BAF; MK; MC, Single Honours
052 Econs; Geog; sociology URP; Single Honours; Acct; PA; BAF
053 Econs; Govt; A/L maths PA; pol sc; Inter Studies; Econs; MC; Acct; BAF; Single Honours
060 Econs; Govt; sociology Econs; pol sc; Inter Studies; PA; social; MC; Acct; BAF
061 Geog; Govt; A/L maths EnvlSc; pol sc; Inter Studies; Geog; Public Admin
061 Geog; Govt; sociology URP; Sociol; PA; pol sc; Geog; Inter. Studies
062 Geog; Hist; Sociology Single Honours; pol sc; Inter Studies; Public Admin; Sociol
063 Geog; physics; A/L maths Single Honours; EnvlSc; Engr. (Nor chemical Engr) comp. Sci., Quantity Survey, Geophysics
064 Geog; physics; A/L maths Single Honours; EnvlSc; Engr; Archaeology (Ibadan), comp. sci., Geophysics

PA= public administration                                    BAF= Banking and Finance

MK= marketing                                                     AE=Agricultural Engineering

Mc= mass communication                                     URP=urban and Regional planning.

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