– Candidates shall offer at least three main subject at A’ Level.

– The overall mark in each subject shall be expressed at a percentage, and may include an element in respect of Continuous Assessment (CA).

– For every A’Level subject registered each candidate must have a C.A grade which carries 20% of the total scores.

– All science subjects in IJMB Examination, expect A’Level

Mathematics, have one practical paper each, which carries substantial Percentage of the total scores.

– All social science subjects have two papers only, except for Economics, which has objective questions as Paper III with 50 objectives questions.

– There are three papers to Arts subjects (Literature in English and CRS).

– All subjects under science category have three papers. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography have paper I and II, and one practical paper each as paper III.

– Paper III for Mathematics covers Coordinate Geometry & Statistics, while paper III for Geography covers Map Reading.

– The conversion of IJMB Grades is as follows:

A’ Level Subjects O’Level Subject

A – 70% and above A – Excellent (60 100%)

B – 60 69% C – Credit (40 59%)

C – 50 95% P – Pass (35 39%)

D – 45 49% F – Fail (0 34%)

E – 40 44%

F – below 40%

IJMBE results are released after 3 months of the examination.

Being a highly classified examination, the Statements/Certificates of Result are printed in hard-copies. They are only accesible on the Place of Study after three months of examination.


There are three conditions under which your results can be withheld.

These are where:

  • You have no C.A record,
  • You deliberately absent yourself in a subject paper, and
  • Your C.A. grades are submitted after the marking excises especially after the submission of the result by the subject panel.


Your results in all subjects may carry the letter Z which means they are cancelled if:

  • You were involved in cheating in the examination by either receiving assistance from somebody, copying someone’s work or you are found with prohibited materials.
  • You were rude to an Invigilator or Supervisor or nay other examination official, or

You attempted to deface the script of another candidate or some other examination materials.