OPINION POLL: Educational purity and sanctity, the Future of the nation.

 OPINION POLL: Educational purity and sanctity, the future of our dear nation


The state of education in  our country has become growing concern for educationist and futurist of our nation. Education the once upon a time cherished and respected aspect of life has been defiled, corrupted and molested. Our educational heroes and fathers pursue with all their blood, sweat and water has become a national garbage due to structural and foundational principle, value and morals depreciation and degradation.

The heart of the educational sector is filthy and impure, filled with lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. we need  educational puritans to cry out against this anomalies. The students, the system has forgotten their purpose. students are not being imparted as expected. the tutors have failed to do their jobs.The education tuition has increased astronomically and parents can no longer cope with outrageous amount of school fees.yet the value continues to depreciates and reduced, experiments ,researches discoveries are gradually going into extinction. the educational giants are fallen and things are falling apart, salaries remain unremunerated and unpaid.no vision for our new educational system ,the students are uninterested in their various pursuit.the government has abdicated her responsibilities and roles as a parent. the educational sector continue to exist like an orphan that need extra strength and energy. character and value need to be revived and rejuvenated into our educational system with right visions.passion should be restored and our education discrepancies and fallings should be forgiven.New goals and objectives should be set to achieve unprecedented records.more contribution from government ,parents and students.new hopes should be nutured in optimism and good faith.

looking forward to seeing the new educational world and dream.

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